Learning Hasn't Stopped at IC!

A Message from Principal Sue Canzoneri



On Friday, March 13th, we received official word from the Archdiocese that all Catholic Schools would shut down for 2 weeks due to the Coronavirus (COVID19).  Each school was asked to design and implement a rigorous e-learning plan.  Electronic learning (e-learning) relates to student learning that is delivered through technology.  


In a matter of 3 days, the teachers at IC had to switch their teaching plans from in-person, face-to-face lessons to e-learning.  Using their knowledge, creativity and passion for teaching they all came up with daily plans that ensured students would continue learning.  Assignments were posted each day covering Religion, Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies, questions were answered through email and grades (letter, pass/fail or completed) were given. What they managed to do was nothing short of extraordinary!


I sent daily Parent Grams through our Fast Direct system to keep parents updated and to encourage them to contact their child’s teacher if they had any questions, concerns or were feeling overwhelmed.  Obviously this is new for everyone but we have been working together to ensure that our students continue learning without too much frustration (for the students or the parents). 


Although our texts and videos are available on line, teachers were looking for ways to improve instruction so they began using technology like:  Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Zoom and Google Hangout which are all great ways for students to be able to see their teachers presenting a lesson or reading to the class.  It also helps to see other students so you feel less isolated and more a part of the IC community.


On Friday, March 20th, our Art teacher taught a lesson using Instagram and 188 students tuned in.  This was definitely the largest class she has ever taught!  She plans to continue offering new art lessons on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:30 P.M.


I will end each school day at 3:00 P.M. with prayer, announcements (including birthdays) and my joke of the day.  This will be live through YouTube.  


We pray for an end to this virus hopeful that we can return to school soon.  But as we wait, learning must go on!


Stay healthy!  thanks, sue c