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The art program at Immaculate Conception helps to foster creativity and grow imagination. Students from P4 to 8th grade have Art once a week throughout the school year. Each grade level focuses on the elements of art and the principles of design while incorporating their individual grade level curriculum and objectives. Students are given the opportunity to work with various art media while learning about different artists and cultures from around the world. Often people associate art class as only the production of artwork. Here at I.C. we focus on all 4 important disciplines that together make up art. Students learn that art includes Aesthetics, Art History, Art Criticism and Art Production. Kindergarten through 8th grade students are exposed to lessons that integrate some form of reading, writing, math, science or history. This enriches the learning process and helps create an authentic learning experience. Classroom work from grades 5th through 8th is assessed and students receive grades on their body of work. Art is proven to have many benefits such as: encouraging problem solving skills, stronger motor skills, improved academic performance, diligence, critical thinking skills, stronger appreciation for diversity, improved emotional and social skills as well as being a vital part of inspiring our students to be creative in everything they do. 

We have an art kiln!

Check out our Art Showcase!

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