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Involved Athletically

From soccer to softball to track, the IC Cowboys work together with their teammates to compete with confidence. School sports impact students' emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development.  Being on a team and working together with peers, students not only become more self-confident but learn the importance of time management, conflict resolution, sportsmanship and leadership.  IC Athletics offers participation in several seasonal after school team sports.

"Sports are not merely the exercise of muscles, but the school of moral values"

                                                                                                 Pope John Paul II

The IC Athletic Program uses the guidelines set by the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools. The rules and regulations can be found in their Athletic Handbook.


Our Athletic Program is overseen by the following:

IC Athletic Committee

Kelly Gillespie, President

Jeff Escher, Vice President

Karl Miehlich, Treasurer

Adam Jahns, Secretary

Jill Peve, Food Director

Fr. Matthew Heinrich


Mrs. Sue Canzoneri


Mrs. Tina Fitzgerald

Assistant Principal

John Petrenko

Girls Athletic Director

Joe Jummati

Boys Athletic Director

 "I had three children graduate from IC and spent over 15 years at IC School. I have to say that the athletics was such a great experience for all of my children and helped them form bonds with their classmates and gain school pride and self confidence and build a tremendous amount of memories. The coaches and volunteers always put the kids best interest first and are very committed to making it a great experience for everyone. I have seen the evolution of the athletics program and they are always trying to meet the demands of the students. One example is the start of club teams for the younger children. Besides all of the benefits my children had, as a parent I developed long term friendships with many parents at the school for each respective year and also have many memories of their elementary years because of it ." - Parent of a 2012, 2017 & 2019 graduate

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