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Science Technology Engineering Math



IC is excited about our STEM Lab for Grades 5 through 8. Our STEM (Science Technology  Engineering, and Math) Lab is created by Northwestern University. Students have access to diverse challenges designed around science, music and design. Students are motivated to progress through the challenges which inspire learning, engagement and collaborative learning.

A FUSE Studio is a space where youth creatively and independently work on FUSE challenges. Adults serve as facilitators and support student work. FUSE facilitates learning through ‘making,’ develops 21st-century skills, and builds collaborative, youth-centered learning communities. 

FUSE challenges, the learning activities of the program, are designed to introduce STEM concepts and skills in a engaging and enjoyable way. Students choose the challenges they want to work on and progress at their own pace, working alone or with others. Challenges are based in STEM topics likes 3D design and printing, robotics, architecture, music mixing, animation and more. 

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