House System

Middle School House System

The House System is a way of organizing and integrating our middle school students into “Houses” or homerooms. Each house has students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Once assigned to a House, students remain there for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.


What is the purpose of the House System?


We have a House System at Immaculate Conception to create a sense of belonging in middle school.  Friendships are formed among different grade levels (6-8) and leadership roles are taken. Over the three years in one House, positive relationships are also formed between the students and their mentor/teacher.


What is a “House Competition” and how does it benefit our students?


Our House System builds a sense of spirit, belonging, and personal relationships. Every month we have a “House Competition.” These competitions challenge our students to work together effectively and learn how to cooperate within a team. Leadership roles are assigned to students, as are group/individual tasks. These competitions challenge our students’ knowledge, creativity, problem solving skills, teamwork, and physical abilities. Tapping into a student’s strengths and talents while developing new skills, promotes self-confidence.


What is a “House Prefect?”


As our students become older, we encourage them to accept more responsibility and to take on leadership roles within their house. 8th graders have the opportunity to become a “House Prefect.” A prefect has several responsibilities throughout the school year. They record and tally up each house members individual house sheet (which help to determine a winner for each month), they help to plan House Challenges, and they are the “voice” for the house. Their leadership role helps to set the precedent and excitement of the house for the entire school year.


What are the individual Houses?


We have a total of seven houses. Each house is named after a Saint. They all have their own individual credo, color, and house mascot. This helps to create a sense of spirit and belonging for each house. The Houses are as followed:


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